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5 reasons to choose D’AVEIA for the infant’s bath

The hygiene of your baby’s skin is essential to remove impurities, thus reducing the risk of contamination and allergies!

Due to the fragility and immaturity of babies’ skins, you will have to be very careful when it comes to choosing products.

Therefore, the products used in the bath should have the following characteristics:

  1. Promote a smooth and delicate hygiene
  2. Be devoid of aggressive detergents and surfactants
  3. Be emollient and moisturising
  4. Respect the hydrolipidic film
  5. Respect the skin’s pH

The products from the D’AVEIA Pediatric line ensure all the features:

  • 1. They clean in a gentle and delicate way.

This is possible due to the presence of Colloidal oats, our brands signature ingredient. Colloidal oats have a porous structure (similar to a sponge) that will greatly absorb impurities, cleansing by a non-aggressive physical system. They only remove impurities, keeping the essential components of the skin.

  • 2. They have soft and delicate surfactants in their composition.

The surfactants used are of plant origin.

  • 3. They are moisturising and emollient.

Colloidal oats, as well as Rice, Corn, and other ingredients that act in synergy, confer moisturising and emollient properties, as demonstrated by dermatological tests.

  • 4. They respect and re-establish the hydrolipidic film.

Not only do they cleanse without removing the essential constituents of our skin, they provide emollient and moisturising substances, reinforcing the skin’s barrier function.

  • 5. They respect the skin’s pH and have the ability to re-establish it, if altered.

This happens because of the proteins present in Colloidal oats.

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