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How can I prevent my baby from having diaper dermatitis?

It is one of the most common skin problems in the first year of your baby’s life. It consists of the appearance of irritation and / or inflammation of the skin that is in contact with the diaper.

Prolonged contact with urine and feces, combined or not with poor hygiene, causes weakening of the skin, which, together with the friction of the diaper, leads to the appearance of redness and inflammation.

Diaper dermatitis is usually characterised by spots and reddish lesions with shiny, wet appearance. These lesions are typical of a bacterial infection. However, fungal infection may occur in addition to bacterial infection.  In the latter case, the lesions appear whitish, very similar to oral candidiasis on infant’s mouths.

Untreated and / or infected diaper dermatitis can develop into erosion or ulceration of the skin, which are severe and difficult to heal.

How can I prevent my baby from having diaper dermatitis?

It is essential to focus on prevention, especially in diaper change care.

When diaper dermatitis is already present, you should clean the area as follows:

  1. Remove excess dirtiness with D’AVEIA Pediatric Dermo-Oil (with gauze or cotton pad, no need to rinse).
  2. Wash with D’AVEIA SEPT, a mild antiseptic (which does not cause any type of sensitisation).
  3. In situations where the infant’s skin has whitish lesions (fungal infection), alternate with D’AVEIA PTM, which limits fungal growth.
  4. Apply D’AVEIA Pediatric Barrier Cream, which, in addition to isolating the skin from aggressive agents, has a regenerative action, promotes healing and relieves irritation.

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